Monday, 27 July 2009

Japanese weird food: green cake

It's green, it's sweet and it comes from my most beloved shop in Japan: MUJI. Introducing: the spinach cake!

Once you get past the green colour, it actually tastes really good. Great to go along your (green) tea. √Ďam!

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  1. Hello, detouredgirl, this is my first time posting to your blog. I hope you are getting used to Japan and enjoying Tokyo. Only another month or so and the weather will be much more bareable.

    I see you have discovered Muji. I like their Ginza store as it has a self service bakery and also a cafe where they even had bretzels which I loved eating when I was living in Germany. They also have lots of other German style bakery treats which are a reasonable attempt at the real thing.

    I'm sure you will make plenty more wierd food discoveries - I remember buying donuts thinking they were just mini-donuts, turned out to be full of bean paste...always pays to at least try and read packaging!