Monday, 13 July 2009

Bibu the chick magnet (sort of)

You know the famous popular belief that babies and small children attract women in the street? Well, with Bibu it's taking a twist to the bizarre.
Yesterday afternoon, I decided to check out the Roppongi Hills complex, which is relatively close to our place. We left and already I was missing the appartments air conditioning. My God it's boiling hot in here! Anyway, we arrived in said Roppongi Hills place, all vey nice and modern but a tad complicated to get around with a stroller and an increasingly impatient 1 year old. Seeing that things would quickly turn nasty if I didn't release Bibu from the stroller at least for a little while to let him stretch his legs, we made our way through the maze of elevators and semi-mezzanine floors to the "Mori Park" next to the Asahi TV station building.
Bibu was walking around in the park, wearing his hideous "combat sandals" (he apparently threw one of his nice sandals in the street the other day and we only found out the following day) when two women holding small ugly dogs à la Paris Hilton came by walking in the opposite direction. Bibu instantly fixed his stare on the chihuahuas and that's when I heard it: "Ah, such a cute baby"!!! This said with what I can only describe as a man's voice. So, indeed, there it was Mr Transexual walking his chihuahua, aptly named "Paris". We had the typical nice exchange with Bibu hesitating to pet the dog's head or not and Mr T reassuring us that "Paris" wouldn't hurt a bug. Bibu remained scotched to the spot and after a bit more hesitation and nervous smiles (mine) and much use of expressions such as "cute", "nice boy", etc (Mr T's) we all continued our ways through the park.
A few minutes later, now resolutely on the way back home after Bibu entered full blown metldown, I decided to take a quick tour around a book & CD shop in one of the corners, to check the prices of the imported magazines. On the way out, Mr T and friend (who was an actual woman, I presume) were sipping a latte or sililar Starbuckean concoction and of course they spotted us immediately and screamed "How cute, you're following uuuussssss!" to the top of their lungs.
Yep, that Bibu is a chick magnet I say! :-)

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