Saturday, 4 July 2009

Closing a house

I am now pretty much done with the suitcases. Ok, minus the small fact that one of them still weighs more than the allowed 20kg, which, let's be frank, it's a bit meagre. Those strict Lufthansa Germans!
Anyway, it's so odd thinking that tomorrow morning Bibu and I will leave this house and only be back in 6 months, for Christmas. The sheer reality of our move to Tokyo has finally hit. I'm gonna miss my Belgian life. Not that I am not looking forward to the Japanese chapter, but here I am a local and I have found my life here in good old Brussels. Tokyo is really a big adventure. It's a step towards the unknown and it goes beyond the fact that the language is different, the culture is diferent, they drive in the opposite side, etc. It even goes beyond the fact that for the next two years I'll be a housewife. As in "not working and not earning any money". Mmmm, that one bugs me but I know that I'll figure something out. I know I'll be pretty busy anyway with Bibu and getting to know the city, during the first few months.
But well, let's not put the cart before the horses, so to speak, and let's focus on the immediate next hurdle of this Japanese adventure: the trip. Yes, dear friends, tomorrow Bibu and I will be spending some 15 hours in and around planes. I guess travelling with a 13 month old will be lots of fun and hard-hard work. I am trying not to think too much on all the things that can go wrong, like delays, overflowing diapers, fellow passengers complaining about Bibu's crying/ food throwing/ farting, etc, but it is HARD.
I tend to always think the worst, that's me the pessimistic. I guess the only certain thing is that I'll find out tomorrow.
See you in Japan!

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