Friday, 17 July 2009

Baby parafernalia in Tokyo, part 1

When you have kids, you suddenly become all too familiar with the pros and cons of the most unfathomable products. Moving from Brussels to Tokyo, the first things I tried to source was not frites or moules, not even beer. No, Sir, priority number one is to find diapers of the "that will work fine yet not set us back a fortune" kind.

At home (Brussels is and will be what I call "home" in this blog, by the way, just so that you, erm, know it) Bibu dons the P ones (don't make me say the brand, please!) Yes, they are not the cheapest, but they thoroughly pass the "piss at midnight" test, which the cheapos dont'. Daytime is another story, I have been using some private label ones and they work just great.
Anyway, now that we've moved to Tokyo, the quest was on to try to find the Japanese version of the P ones and find a local brand cheapo one for daytime. The first few days, we bought the P ones, which typicaly will set you back some 1,650 Yen (about 12.5 EUR) for a pack of 38 units (our Bibu weights now about 12 kilos) But, dear reader, in one of my frequent excursions around the 'hood, I've hit the jackpot: local brand pack of 40 for (drums please) 880 Yen!!! (about 6.6 EUR) Isn't that a great deal or what! They look something like this:

Yes, I know, the things that make me feel like an accomplished person these days. But anyway, isn't that a great deal or whatttt??? They have survived the daytime "piss and poo" rituals and will be tested on the "piss at midnight" test soon, when the P branded ones run out. Will report on that.

Now, on to formula. No, not talking about the formula for happiness or richness, just baby formula. You know, fake milk for babies. Bibu is now just under 14 months and has two fake milk drinks a day. I brought with me his favoured N brand from Switzerland (again, do not make me say the brand) but that is almost finished. So after running a quick internet research, I bought a Japanese brand which is apparently favoured by Western babies:

Well, I obviously didn't check the price on the shelf, as this cutie is actually 2,635 Yen (almost 20 EUR) bought in the same shop as the great deal diapers.
I can only say that I see Bibu drinking proper normal cow's milk in the very very short term..... That or the good deal with the diapers will compensate the outrageous price tag of the formula.

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