Thursday, 23 July 2009

Hole in the ground toilet: this is not TOTO!

One of the things that strickes foreigners who first visit Japan, are the TOTO toilets, present in most public restrooms and hotels. The TOTOS are sort of computerised toilets with integrated bidet and bottom "massage" functions. We have three of those at home (TOTOs, not bottoms, but now that I think of it, we are three so we even have three of those, too). Anyway, will talk about the TOTOs at large on some other entry, not today.

Today is about what they call here "Japanese traditional toilets", a.k.a hole in the ground toilet. They are still present in most public parks and other oldish public toilets. In Argentina we used to call these "French toilets" and, I've found out that the French call them "Turkish toilets".

At least the Japanese own up to their holes in the ground with pride, ha!

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  1. Even wondered how to go to the bathroom with a kimono down to toes?. There's the hole in the ground.