Tuesday, 4 August 2009

One month on

Exactly one month ago, Mr M's parents drove me and Bibu to Zaventem airport, pushed the trolley carrying our two huge, slightly overweight suitcases, had coffee with us on the airport café, and waved goodbye to us as we made our way past security.

One month on and I now know my way around the neighbourhood, where the supermarkets are, where the metro station is. I know the shortest way to Roppongi Hills and that if you need toiletries you have to buy them in the drugstores. I have found a good replacement formula for Bibu and have gone once to the movies (Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince, cince you ask). We have now two brand new bicycles, a rice cooker, an iron and an iron table, a vacuum cleaner, an electric piano and an expresso machine. Our furniture is all courtesy of IKEA and we rather like it. I am already thinking were we will put it once we come back to Brussels.

We have gone to brunch once with our nice neighbours from the 3rd floor and Bibu and their son have had a "playdate" together. I have visited 4 pre-schools and Bibu has started today with part-time daycare, with much success. Mr M has started his Japanese lessons at the office and he's really enjoying it.

We have gone to Kamakura, Yokohama and walked across the Shinjuku-gyoen and Yoyogi park. WE already have our residence cards and our re-entry passes. I have already collected 4 "pokemons" or charms from vending machines and I have to watch it or it wil become a full blown addiction, hehe.

I have learnt how to make sauce Teriyaki from scratch and am still struggling with the chopsticks. I keep saying "arigato" to anyone and for anything and have no clue what they're saying to me when I pay at the till.

One month on and the weather is still very hot and humid, much like the Argentinean summers.

One month on, I miss the life in Brussels, but I like it here too, specially now that I will have some time for me again. I dont' miss working (i.e. being tied to a schedule) but I miss the buzz and wonder what my colleagues are up to.

One month on, I would say quite a lot has happened to us. And this is just the beggining.


  1. Maru:
    Me encantó tu relato...!! Es una síntesis hermosa y muy expresiva..! Y aunque tiene dejos de nostalgia por lo que quedó atras en Bruselas, es claramente percibible que disfrutas tu aventura japonesa.
    Felicitaciones. Yo también siento que será una muy enriquecedora experiencia...!!!

  2. Ojo con juntar gashapones de mas!

    Gambate kudasai Oneechan!