Tuesday, 30 August 2011

D-day minus 2

In two days............ I'm going back to work! Yep, it's been 28 months of a sort of 'sabbatical' during which I moved with Bibu and Mr M to Tokyo and experienced the expat-wife life in all it's Asian glory. There was also that earth-moving thingy that happened back in March this year, but let's not spoil the memories.

I guess, however, that come Thursday, the one thing I will be asked over and over at the office will be 'how was living through an earthquake'. But well, cannot complain. The hype of me returning to the office will probably wither out after a few days. Will make sure I milk the prodigal daughter thing as much as I can. I am even considering baking some apple and cinnamon muffins, see? They will love me, hahaha.........

September 1st will also mark the return to school for Bibu. I have been mentioning this event to him a few times over the last few days, along with the fact that from now on I will also work. I wonder how it would be like. Hopefully the change to longer days will not be too tough on him. We'll see.

In the countdown to the D Day, things are pretty tame at home. Weather is Belgian crapitude at its best, cold as winter and grey, grey, grey............. Not much going on except trips to the supermarket intertwined with stops in the park, at the pet shop, at the toy shop, at the book shop............. and so on. Plus long indulgent afternoon naps. All that will change soon, so might as well enjoy it, right?

Ta-dah for now !

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