Monday, 3 October 2011

D-day + 1 month

How did this happen?

Well, yes, D-day came and went, and here I am, one month later and nothing to show for it?

Yep, I am busy-busy-busy. Work is gathering pace. Immediately I was thrown into a one cool project that was launched a couple of weeks after returning and that has kept me, and continues to keep me, rather busy; Days at the office seem to fly by, which is a good sign, I think. Bored I am not.

And, I have been DRIVING for over one month already. The first few days I was actually more worried about the driving to and from the office that of going back to work in itself. And although the pararlel parking bit is still not my forte and I can only manage it in about 5 to 6 movements as oposed to the official 3, I can honestly say that I am begining to enjoy it. Sitting in the traffic jams is not nice, but from everything I take a lesson.

This afternoon, for example, as there was already a long queue in the street next to my office in the direction I usually take, so I decided to try a new way home. It was quite good, albeit a bit nerve-wracking at times, as I was not familiar with the turning areas, etc. At one point I did indeed turn on the wrong street, too early, and had to make a detour and lost a few minutes returning to the avenue where I was supposed to be. But, hey, it's another feather on my bow.

All practice is good, before I sit for the practical exam sometime in November (aggggg, trying not to think about it too much)

Other than the working and the driving, another novelty of this past month is how tired I am. It's running from home to work to Bibu's school to pick him up, back to home the whole day. I can tell you, by 10pm I am ready to go to sleep.............and do it all over the next day, starting at 6:30.

But hey, cannot complain to much, really. The transition has been quite smooth and slowly the pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

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