Sunday, 17 July 2011

Easy Sunday in Brussels

So, yes, we're back in Brussels. In fact, we've been back for over three months, writing in my blog not being an obvious priority, obviously.

Anyway, been back, my parents came in late April to visit and stayed for over 5 weeks. Bibu had his first stint at a Belgian pre-school during June. I enrolled and completed a 20-hour driving course at a very cool driving school. Visited the Antwerpen Zoo and Planckendael about 4657313644360 times already this summer. Went an incredible three times to the movies (OK, one was to watch Cars 2 with Bibu, so that probably doesn't count) and even managed to meet up regularly with friends.

Today, in view of the totally impredictable and now frankly crazy weather we are having in good old Brussels, I arranged to meet up for brunch with my boss (who's also a friend). She's not from Brussels, so I decided to show her the bringht lights of the city (ha-ha) and we went to this place in Brugman square. It has a terrace where one a sunny day you almost need to fight with your teeth to get a table. But today, we had a good sense to look for a place inside, which quickly became more crowded than outside. Anyway, had a nice chat on all things work and gossip, dusted with a bit of our personal lives quests and challenges. It was really nice. After brunch, emboldened by the few rays of sunshine coming through, we went for a little walk in the nearby park Tenbosh, which is one of my favourite parks in Brussels.

After that, I arrived home to a very silent house. Bibu and Mr M were sleeping the siesta very sweetly, so I let them be. I retired to tackle more earthly matters, like the Kilimanjaro of ironing that has been waiting for me for over two weeks.

And so, that was my Sunday. Nothing too earth-shattering, but a nice girly chat and some plain domesticity. Sometimes, it's all one needs.

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