Thursday, 24 February 2011

A first in Tokyo

Bibu is playing next to me on the sofa (yes, the yellow one) and watching his 51651752175626 episode of Thomas the Tank Engine. He (Bibu, not Thomas) has been sick since Monday evening, when a low fever started. When the low fever turned into 40 degrees yesterday evening, I called the doctor and made an appointment for this morning.

As I suspected, he had an ear infection. It's been his first ear infection since we live in Tokyo. He used to have them very often in Brussels, what with the chilly and damp weather being the ideal weather for them. Oh, well, it's good to know at least what it was. Being the stoic and hyperactive kid he is, it was hard to even tell he was sick, apart from the readings in the thermometer.

So, with the exception of this morning, when we went out for a grand total of an hour to go to the doctor, we have been confined inside the appartment for the last three days. Mr M being in Belgium until today didn't make things any easier. Thank God he's back.

So, the casa de Detoured is a bit like a cabin these days. Bibu has the fever and I have the cabin fever.

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