Thursday, 7 October 2010

So, it's been ages. What has happened, dear reader (in case you exist) that has caused such a hiatus, you wonder? Has Detoured Girl taken significant steps in her world domination strategy? Have I been hidding inside a 100 Yen shop ? Nooo, but the thought is rather alluring, I must say........

But enough about me. There are more pressing questions, such as:

Does Belgium have a new government? NO

Do these creatures, known as "Belgian politicians" made any significant progress towards reaching anything that remotely resembles an agreement, so that a new government can be designated? NO

Does Bart de Wever resemble a toad? YES

Does Elio Di Rupo resemble a waiter in a decrepit seaside hotel? YES, very. (he might be a lost relative of Manuel in Fawlty Towers)

Does this whole business look insane? YES

Are we tired of it? YES. If there was ever a better example of the lunatic situation of the Belgian political system, this is it. Anyway, enough if it already. I am getting itchy and it's not even my country (albeit my adoptive country and I do love it)

Anyway, what other stuff has happened since I last posted anything in this undignified blog? Erm............. parents in law are visiting, replacement godfather and godmother (I'll explain that one of these days) visited and left yesterday, we are going to Hiroshima for the long weekend ("Sports Day" on Monday in Japan, gotta love these ridiculous public holidays) and tomorrow, the -purple- highlight of my week: sweet potato digging field trip at Bibu's school.

Report on the level of purpleness of sweet potatoes to come. Watch this space.

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