Monday, 15 November 2010

You know I'm back, I'm back, I'm really, really back! (and baking)

And, another month (and a bit) has run by........swoooooosh!

I will not bother you with the not blogging in ages situation, as I usually do, ha. Instead, look!

Yes, I've been baking! Not that I have been busy baking this beauty for a month, though. In case you are wondering, it's a ham, cheese and onion (and cherry tomato) tart, done completely from scratch, dough (or should I say pie pastry?) included. Thing is, you cannot get a decent ready made pie crust here in Tokyo, not even at the nearby overpaid expats' supermarket. All I've found in the past is some puff pastry squares that are just too delicate and disintegrate at first glance. The dough recipe comes from an Argentinian cooking book that my brother and sister in law gave me last time I was there. It's full of staple homely and old fashioned recipes, and I love it.

Besides the baking, I have finally acted upon my desire to say "adios" to Nearby Posh Gym, and have resorted to do some exercise at home with a DVD and use the bicycle as much as I can. The bicycle bit is going great, I have even gotten over my fear of carrying Bibu in the child seat for fear of falling and I am doing the school run in two wheels, iuhoooooo! The DVD part is patchy, to say the least and if I can manage two times a week is an achievement. At this rate, my plans to shed 5 kilos before I arrive in Buenos Aires next month will continue to remain wishful thinking. Oh, well.....

Talking about the BA trip this year, still need to do lots of organising bits and pieces, such as securing a couple of domestic trips for my parents in law, who will come with us for the first time. We're already made the arrangements for a trip to the wine regions of Chile and Mendoza with them and my parents, so at least we will escape the oven that is BA in the summer for a few days. Also, looking forward to seeing my brother and sister in law and other friends and family over there. It' been long, over a year now, and I miss them.

Bibu is growing at a demented speed. Not only is he growing very tall, but also his talking skills and overall transition from baby to little boy are incredible. He's very very funny and a sweet boy most of the time. The rest, he is, well, a two-and-a-half little gremlin. Not different from most other children that age, I guess. He's still not entirely into toilet training, but he has promised he will use the toilet at his grandma's house in BA. At least the floors are easy to clean over there.....hehehe. He continues to be fascinated by dinosaurs, monsters, spiders, cars, trains, construction trucks and excavators. And singing, and dancing, and wanting his mamma to dance with him on impromptu dances in the living room. Really looking forward to taking him in BA. Will have a great time.

Right. TTFN or 'ta-ta for now', as Tigger would say. I am hoping my next post will be before we go to BA. let's cross fingers!

LAST MINUTE: in case you were wondering, Belgium still has no government. It does have lots of flooding at the moment

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