Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Brussels, here we come!

Tomorrow, we all leave for Brussels, hooray! Cannot being to tell you how excited I am to escape the roasting Tokyo summer for two weeks (seasoned expats confirm my fears that in August it will get even warmer) I'll worry about that in two weeks. For the moment, I am preparing myself to enjoy the Belgian summer in all it's wet and chilly glory. Just checked the weather forecast and it averages a nice 25 degrees for the few days to come. Sweet.

The social agenda is in full swing. It's already quite full, what with cathcing up with friends, meeting new babies of said friends that happened to pop up of their mum's insides recently and spending time with Mr M's family, who no doubt will be charmed by non-stop-talking Bibu. Some shopping is also on the cards -we're in the middle of the sales season, after all- but mostly it will be about having a nice time and living la dolce vita in Belgio.

Ah..... like all things one looks forward to, I know it will be over so fast....!

What will surely feel very long will be the actual trip there. Bibu and I booked our tickets over a month ago and are flying via Helsinki (cheapest we could find, hope the Finnish volcano is also taking summer holidays) Mr M, in true Mr M nature (i.e: why do things with plenty of time if you can do them at the last minute?) Only booked his ticket two days ago, managed to use his miles but will travel on a different airline, departing from a different terminal. His flight leaves two hours earlier than ours, but I've decided that we'll all take the Narita Express together. I really dont' feel like taking a taxi alone with Bibu, dragging our monster suitcase + baby stroller + wriggly two-year-old boy on my own. As usual, I am not expecting much sleep and relaxation during the flight, but I shall have plenty of that once in Belgium (I hope)

Right, I should start packing now. See you in BXLs!

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  1. Hola!
    Te encontré a través de Expat-blog. Yo también soy argentina viviendo en Japón, un poco más al sur que vos (Nagoya).
    No soy muy buena con el inglés así que transpiré un poco leyéndote, jaja! pero me gustaría mantener contacto!

    Un abrazo