Tuesday, 10 August 2010

No sleep till Tokyo!

We're back.

And jet-lagged as hell.

Arrived yesterday morning in Narita, after a 20-hour-no-sleep-trip-with-bouncy-two-year-old-boy. The trip in itself was OK, as in no delays and all the luggage arrived at the same time as us (which is not usually the case) but flying alone with Bibu is certainly a health hazard. The first leg of the trip, BXL-Helsinki, went very well and he even played in a civilized way with two Japanese little girls. All laughs and smiles and "cute" looks from fellow passengers.

Once landed in Helsinki, things descended well below standards, with Bibu lying on the floor of the terminal while we were queueing for migrations and refusing to stand up and walk, or any other petition from my side; Bibu asking for one thing then wanting another and finally erupting into theatrical sobs when he didn'y get his way.


The 10-hour flight Helsinki-Tokyo went in the same spirit, with a progressively super-tired Bibu who refused to sleep (or let his poor mother sleep). By now the looks of our fellow passengers were not so cute anymore.... More ommmmm...............

But well, we survived. And now onto the jet-lag! We finally arrived home around lunchtime, all sweaty so straight into the shower and then to sleep. We managed 4 solid hours but at least on my side the zombie-like feeling is still very palpable. That was probably aided by darling Bibu waking up at 1am last night and refusing to go back to sleep until 4:30am, when we recognised defeat and brought him to sleep in our bed. I think Mr M's initial delight and happiness at seing us again yesterday evening was put to the test during this early morning scream-athon session.

I cancelled my Japanese lesson of today as I was in no way capable of holding any attention for more than 30 seconds without wanting to lay down. Bibu is currently sleeping his nap, so we'll see how it goes tonight. I am hoping for the best but bracing myself for another horrid night.

Tomorrow, thank God, our cleaning lady comes and around lunchtime Mr M's brother and friend arrive from Brussels. They'll be staying for about a month, so hopefully plenty of opportunities for Mr M and I to go out just the two of us, something that has not happened in ages.

Post about out two weeks in BXL comming soon.

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