Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Up Tokyo Tower

So, what to do in Tokyo with a two-year-old on a typical "will it rain, won't it rain" kind of day? Well, the original plan was to go to the Epson Acquarium in Shinagawa, but found that it was closed on Tuesdays, so a no go. After some frenetically searching through the pages of "Japan with Kids", it appeared that Bibu and I would be seeing some fish, although not the "ballenas" and "tiburones" he wanted to see.

Tokyo Tower does indeed have a small acquarium. Very small and rather on the sad side, in the sense that the bigger fish are enclosed in a pool just big enough to fit them and nothing else. I even witnessed one fish eating another, so not sure about the care these little ones are getting.

Anyway, you don't need to pay the entrance to the observatorium to visit the acquarium, which is in the ground floor of the tower itself. There is also a bouncy castle kind of playground on the 4th floor and a few fast-food  restaurants on the second. But getting to Tokyo Tower and not visiting the observatorium would be kind of stupid, so up we went and had a look around.

It was good for a rainy day, but again, a bit shabby in Tokyo standards.

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