Sunday, 28 June 2009

Things I am going to miss from Brussels (part I)

Ok, ok, it's not that we're leaving forever, just a couple of years, but still. In no particular order:

  • my friends, also known as the "Brussels Bunch" (I won't name them, but you know who you are)
  • the Aperos Urbains in the summer
  • the Place de Chatelain on Wednesdays
  • the Egmont park
  • the Tenbosch park
  • the Wolvendael park
  • the Fond' Roy park
  • HEMA (it's actually very hard to leave empty handed)
  • DILLE & KAMILLE (same as before, one of the cutest shops ever)
  • WATERSTONES (my monthly dosis of magazines and books)
  • DE GRIFFE (shoe heaven)
  • DOD (cheap and chic)
  • caffe lattes from the "Natural CaffĂ©"
  • Saturday lunch at TEA & EAT and MAMY LOUISE
  • our "passegiatas" with Mr M through Ixelles while having an ice-cream
  • tram 23 (always empty and comfy)

to be continued.....

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