Saturday, 20 June 2009


So, it is happening. Mr M is packing his suitcase. He leaves tomorrow, first to Shangai -where he will stay for 4 days- and then to Tokyo. He will stay in a hotel for one week while he does a trip round to the nearest IKEA and buys all we need to set up our home in the land of the rising sun. Man, that's gonna be one hell of a lot of DIY. As he says, he'll "prepare the nest" for the family. I foresee the nest to be full of empty IKEA boxes, hehe....
Bibu and I will join Mr M in two weeks. I am so not looking forward to travelling for 15 hours with a one year old. It's going to be, erm, "interesting", I guess. Anyway, I'm blacking that thought out of my mind for the moment. One step at the time, ommmm.....
House is full these days, with my parents and my aunt and uncle from Spain visiting, so it's easy to block any thoughts other than what we're going to eat for lunch or whether we need to do yet another round of laundry. In a way, it helps. In a way, it's crazy, but I know the craziness has a deadline and in a couple of weeks it's going to be only the three of us for some time, so it's OK.
What's not so OK is that I am going to miss Mr M very very much these newt two weeks. And will miss him during the "interesting trip" with Bibu. Aw, we shall see.

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