Saturday, 27 June 2009

The countdown is ON!

Just returned from saying goodbye to my parents in Zaventem. Althoug we'll be seeing each other in September for my Dad and brother's birthdays, it is still an uneasy moment, all those "see you later, call when you arrive home, etc". I have been living in Belgium for almost 7 years now, and that amounts to a fair share of airport goodbyes, but it is still hard.
Anyway, with the papas departing, it means that the countdown to the big move to Tokyo is ON. Definitely on. In little more than a week, life will chage big time. It will definitely be a big adventure and I am completely looking forward to it!
In the meantime, this next week will be my week to say goodbye to Brussels. There'll be friends coming over for dinner on Monday, dinner with the parents in law on Wednesday and I am still debating whether to actually go to Werchter on Friday or just sell the tickets. I bought them ages ago when the whole Japan thing was a mere nugget to a shred of a thought and now I don't really feel like it anymore. Oh, well, only to see The Killers! It will be a sin not to go.
And tomorrow, in very un-typical Belgian fashion, most shops will be open because of the sales season. I am definitely going to have a glance, ha!

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