Sunday, 6 March 2011

Eight little boys in kimono

So, last Friday was the day of the delayed photoshoot with all the boys from Bibu's class at kindergarden. A while ago, all maums had agreed on organising a photo session with the boys dressed in taditional kimono, at a small photo studio in the same floor of the Acachan Honpo shop in Gotanda. I thought it was a great idea, as it will be a wonderful souvenir for Bibu of his friends in Japan, specially since it looks like we'll be heading home for good end of April (iupiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!)

Anyway, the first date we agreed upon had to be cancelled as Bibu was sick, so last Friday was the re-scheduling. It went fairly well, considering the appointment was right after school, early in the afternoon, which is the nap-time for most of the kids. By the end of it, they were all cranky, tearful and sleepy, but we managed to get a couple of nice photos of the whole bunch. At least some where noe of them was picking their nose/ crying/ trying to escape/ all the above.

I chose a green jacket kimono for Bibu and he kind of stood out among the more demure blue and grey kimonos of the Japanese kids. Probably a gaijin faux-pas, but well, it's not about blending in the background, uh? Will share the result as soon as it becomes available. Watch this space.

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