Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A bicycle and a girl in Tokyo

Very much in the spirit of starting to do some physical activity to get rid of 'le tummy', this morning I went for a ride. I went up to Meguro station, which is about 15' from our place (I know, but you have to start small, underpromise and overdeliver, yada-yada-yada) So I went into the Atré and did a 'tour de reconaissance' with a stop or two along the way (UNIQLO for socks and a couple of their new high tech t-shirts) and the supermarket for tonight's dinner.

Parking did prove to be a bit tricky. By sheer chance I arrived a few minutues before 10am, which is when the store opens. This meant that the ridiculously small bicycle parking lot - we're talking 10 bikes max- was completely empty. So no problem there. When I left, the story was rather different and although I managed to take out my bike, I also managed to knock down one of the neighbouring ones. They were in one of these bike rack things which are supposed to keep them erect but still. I tried to put this other bike back upright but no chance, if you dont' bother to put it correctly into the slot, then sorry. So I left it like that (bad-bad expat wife! he-he)

In Tokyo most bike-riders ride on the footpath. This is is somewhat tricky as in some places said footpaths are very narrow. This means there is no absent-minded riding in Tokyo. Your eyes need to be on the ball all the time. Riding on the street is not something you see a lot, only the kamikaze couriers do it. Anyway, all this paying attention to the traffic and pedestrians will surely be handy for when I start practising again for my drivin license in BXL.

So, all in all, the first biking outing was a success. More to come.

PS, Read this today. I think the guy is a character and as I dont' live in London cannot really say if he's any good as Mayor. But you gotta love a guy who insists on cycling to work just to prove a point.

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