Wednesday, 16 September 2009

And another month almost flew by in total silence

Blog silence, that is. My God, I am really crap at this blogging thing. It's seems I've blincked and a month has gone by and NADA from my side. It's not that I have nothing to write about. In fact, quite the contrary, I have too much to blog about in this wonderful land of far-far away, but I just cannot seem to achieve much of the old "putting it on paper" or, in this case, on the keyboard.

Anyway, September is a big month as in 1) is the bday of Mr M; 2) is the bday of my Dad and my brother; 3) I am going with Bibu to good old Argentina (also known as the 'antipodes' around here) for a couple of weeks. I am very much looking forward to spending some time with my family and my antipodean friends. I am not looking forward too much on the 32 hour (yes, you read correctly, 32 hour) trip to get there. Oh, and did I mention that it will be just me and Bibu travelling? Mr M will stay and save his holidays for our trip back home to BXL at the end of the year (also, the flight ticket? Not very cheap)

So in a week's time, Bibu and I will be travelling to Buenos Aires via London (I have some miles in BA and with this trip they will go 'o-hoooo! Buba-buba-buba!!!') Taking into account that Bibu has inherited Mr M's restlessness (in Argentina, we say people like him 'have an ant in their ass') and my stubbornness (is that a word?) I am foreseeing a veeery pleaseant and quiet trip.......hehehe...........

To palliate the 7 hours we have to spend at Heathrow, I've booked ourselves into the Yotel, which is a sort of pod hotel where you can spend from 4 hours to a whole night. We're arriving into Terminal 5 and the pod is on T4, so hopefully we'll get there without much ado.

So, where was I? Ah, yes, I entitled this post in reference to how I dont' write enough in this blog and now I am going through a tangent again. Aw, well, that's me. Lady Tangent (doesn't sound as cool as Lady Ga-Ga, but hey, give it time)

And on that note....

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