Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Plan? What plan?

I had a post lined up talking about ethe uselessness of maternity-wear in the last few weeks of pregnancy, as in "nothing fits anymore unless it's a tent we're talking about". Had it almost ready to post when everything went out the window.

Just over two weeks ago, Mr M and I went out for a romantic dinner to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Bibu stayed with the Belgian grandparents for the night, so we could have some time for the two of us. Nice restaurant, nice food, followed by a nice breakfast the morning after at our usual Sunday morning cafe. At one point, though, I started to have pain which immediatelly reminded me of the kind of pains I had before leaving to the hospital to have Bibu, so we finished our croissants in a hurry and we went to the hospital, just to be sure it wasn't the real thing coming already.

Well, it WAS the real thing. I was examined by the nurse and told I was 3cm dilated and the monitoring confirmed I was having regular (and rather painful) contractions. Being not even 35 weeks pregnant was not ideal, so they started treatment to stop the labour process. Luckily it worked, but it meant I had to stay in hospital for 4 days and was ordered bedrest for the following two weeks, until week 37 (when all babies are considered "full term").

So, I have been resting at home ever since....... Sure, the first few days after coming back from hospital were nice, but I am now well and trully bored and looking forward to the whole thing being over. I know that every day that I manage to keep our little Penguin inside is good, but I feel tired of being tired, have no energy whatsoever, everything hurts, I can barely sleep or barely find a position I can sleep in. Also, I am very irritable (more than usual) and feel sad, nervous, bored........ Did I mention I was bored already?

I've watched some movies and read a couple of books, but nothing beats the feeling that I have been pregnant for a lifetime, and that my body has been taken away from me....... I know feeling all this is normal, and obviously now we're very close to the date when Penguin will actually come out from hidding, but it is really hard. That, plus starting to think about the whole birth process........It was not an easy affair with Bibu and, although I am hopping for a better performance second time around, I am bracing myself for another long thing.

Anyway, my parents are here since a few days and that helps. They get on my nerves a bit, but it has always been like that, but they try to do their best and are certainly giving me a big helping hand with Bibu, who deserves a fun summer too and not one where his mum cannot do anything as is scotched to the sofa.

Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant, have stopped the medication already, so things should progress soon, I guess. Next post will surely be a post-birth one. I just needed to rant a bit.

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