Sunday, 9 January 2011

2011 starts on the 10th

So, new year, new life, right? Except for me the proverbial 2011 penny only dropped today.

People, we're in 2011.

Welcome you all and buckle up. The pages are blank (much like this blog, in a fashion), possibilitties are endless, many forks lay ahead in the road....

Love it.

Me, I've been in Buenos Aires for three weeks now. It seems, and actually is, a long time, but it feels like they passed in a blur now.  First week: first meetings with friends and family and the cheerful pandemonium that is Christmas. Second week: trip to Chile and Mendoza with Mr M, Bibu, Mr M's parents and mine. Loved it all and had great weather. Towards the end Bibu got a bit "lack-of-any-kind-of-rutine" crazy, but well, it's to be expected with so much going on, so much attention on him and the fact that everything happens later here in Argentina. Third week: more get togethers with friends and family and Mr M going back to Tokyo yesterday (someone has to work in the Detoured household, after all) He should be arriving in a few hours. Missing him already....snifff.

Anyway, since we're already on the 10thg day of this new year, I thought it's high time I polished up my resolutions for the year. Every year they are a slightly re-incarnation of the previous one, but I just love making them, so here it goes:


  • Lose those 5 kilos once and for all
  • Relax a bit more and worry only when it's actually called for (and know the difference)
  • Get Belgian driving license (deja-vu all around)
  • Infuse this blog with a breath of life (a.k.a write more often)
  • Focus, focus, focus (hocus pokus focus)
  • Family-related resolution (not forpublic consumption)
  • Work-related resolution (ditto)

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