Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Japanese Weird Food: Calpis Water

We've made it to the 30th post! I rock!

Or, only 30 posts in one year? Right..... this is rightfully pathetic now. This is beyond the highest laziness levels ever known to mankind. Man, I know I am not the most persevering of people, more like ADD queen. But this? Only 30 meagre posts so far??? And the two only comments I get are from family?


Any other person with a sounder mind and any sense of decorum would by now declare the whole thing done with and stop already with this charade of a blog. Not being such a person, I'll carry on, if only because stubbornness is one of my main qualities.

Anyway -after clinking glass of appelshorle in manner of toast- enough with the self flagellation already.

Now that Tokyo summer is well and truly underway, what with the mugginess and ensuing attack of the mosquito hordes, it is only natural that one is constantly thirsty and in search of novel ways of upping the fluid intake. One of the things I love from Tokyo are the ever present vending machines. They are like a cave of Ali Baba, full of strange concoctions, hot and cold, waiting to be discovered. You have the humble mineral water and green tea sitting neatly alongside weird flavoured Fanta and my summer favourite: Calpis Water.

This drink exists since 1919, so it's quite an institution here. Wikipedia defines it as a "milky water drink, similar in taste as vanilla-flavoured yogurt or Yakult". It sounds quite about right, and surprisingly refreshing in these hot and humid days. There are many versions of this strange drink which I have tried, and my favourite remains the peach and mango flavoured one (not Calpis brand I think, but similar yogurty drink). I draw the line at the "soda" version, which is presumably with bubbles as yogurt + bubbles don't really mix that well, I think. But, overall, Calpis gets my points.

My only remark, if remarks are all I have left, is that the big version comes in a tall aluminium can instead of a transparent bottle, making it look like I am downing a beer before picking Bibu at daycare.

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