Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Marching days

I know, I know, February is like the poor relative at the Month's Ball, but still, what happened to February, anyone?

On my side of things, February has been a sort of "blah" month. Nothing too exciting going on, other than planning what to do on other, more interesting months of the year. Being now officially in March, I can safely report that the difference with February is not yet that evident. We have hope, though.

As Bibu does not go to daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I kind of hoped that today he would oblige and sleep a bit later, say until 7:30 or something. But no such luck, of course. At around 6:30 I could hear his bablings which I pretended to ignore until around 7. I say "pretended" as it's literally impossible for me to go back to sleep with a background of low-decibel whinning. Mr M has no such problem, I am sure he could sleep next to a functioning pneumatic driller.

Anyway, early start and Bibu was ready to hit the "páque" as soon as breakfast was done. I diverted his attention for a while with some drawing and a Skype session with the abuelos and we finally left the appartment around 10.

The weather today was just plain awful, cold and grey (very much like at home in Brussels, I should note) so we just did a walk until Azabu Juban for some groceries' shopping and then a quick stop at the Starbucks in the big Tsutaya bookshop in Roppongi Hills. As usual, the Tsutaya was populated mostly with "wives who don't work and whose kids are at school for a few good hours" variety. Give or take a couple of baby-ed expats, and a couple of men perusing the "Runners Weekly" or whatever, it is was pretty much a ladies joint.

Bibu behaved quite well -I suppose the fleeting presence of a cranberry scone had something to do with it- an then we were off to the playground nearby. We didn't stay long as it was indeed getting very chilly, but it was nice.

The afternoon nap went as usual, then it was milk and cookies for Bibu (he explicitly asked for the milk) and off for then another walk. Indeed I go out a lot with Bibu, but with no TV in the house and a very hiperactive kiddo, well, he needs his free air and so do I. I am happy that he really likes to walk, so hopefully his stroller days will be over in the next few months or so. Granted, it's tedious at times running after him in the street, checking that he doesn't walk in the pavement and by all means I still need to go out with the stroller at hand, as last week I decided to leave it in the appartment and ended up carrying 13 kg of descendant in my arms back home, much to the dislike of my back, ouch!

Mr M is again entertaining his visiting colleagues tonight and leaves for Shangai tomorrow, for 3 days. In addition, I have arranged my Japanese catch-up lessson for Friday morning, meaning this week I will have classes every day that Bibu is at the creche so no free morning. Not ideal, but I didn't have much of a choice, seeing as the course finishes in three weeks and that I am going to miss two classes.

So, anyway, this is what my typical days look like lately. definitely looking forward to warmer weathers.

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